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Past guests 2014:

 Donata Ahern

    We love this picture of Donata: she has such great energy!

This Lady has been attending and encouraging us for years. She is over 80 and is a living treasure to our community. Come meet her again or for the first time…we are very lucky to welcome her again!

DONATA AHERN MSW, CHT, Integrated Intuitive Counselor, is a Past Life Soul Regression Counselor and Shamanic Practitioner. She is an Alexandrian and Gardnerian HPS and a Druid in OBOD. She is an apprenticed shaman in the Huichol and Inka lineages and is a priestess of the Mayan Temple of the Deer, and a member of the Grey Council and faculty of the Grey School of Wizardry. Member Seneca Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, Native American Council of Monarch Bear Foundation, Reiki III Master, and Dowser.

Donata Ahern will offer Journey to Meet the Ancestors, including how to set up and maintain an Ancestor Altar and "Clearing your Ancestral lineage" It's been shown scientifically that we inherit attitudes and behaviors in our DNA...We can change that. Come and explore. This is a fairly advanced session and will be about 2 hours in length.

Kimi Bois

    Kimi has been studying the uses of essential oils for over 10 years. She enjoys sharing the wonderful benefits of essential oils with everyone in workshops as well as with products, through her small business: Gypsy Scents (www.gypsyscents.com)


Palmistry 101.

This is an introduction to the enlightening world of palmistry. Things we will cover will include other names for it, and the basic lines as well as hand shapes and such. We will uncover our intended paths as well as what path we are currently riding with the understanding of how to see the differences, and to see changes as they appear. Books will be available to for review on explanations and you will walk away with a drawn representation of your palm reading.

Creating a ritual oil:

We will cover what makes a ritual oil, and why we would use different blends for different rituals, essential oils will be available for smell and the opportunity to make a blend will be available with guidance. Anyone sensitive to scent please inform me before we start.

Russel Goldberg

    I grew up and remain in the Reform Jewish tradition. My world view is based on my life long study of mathematics and the natural sciences. My earliest memories of the discussions in religious school were my holding to paradigms of Newton, Spinoza, Darwin, and Einstein. Past that, I was shaped by the Cold War. Joan and I met in the summer of 1959 at program introducing the then emergent science of ecology at the Buffalo Museum of Science sponsored by the National Science Foundation to improve science education in the wake of the Soviet Union launching Sputnik. Other sciences emerging at this time were DNA, electronic stored program computers, quantum technology (transistors and lasers ), and digital communications. After high school, I matriculated in Physics at the University of Buffalo. Two years in the Army during the Vietnam War followed. Two years after that, I married Joan and my education in natural metaphor was begun.


Elijah and the Baal Shem Tov

The Baal Shem Tov founded Hassidic Judaism, a mystical tradition, that was opposed to scholasticism and the enlightenment on the one hand and kabbalism and messianic Judaism on the other hand. His legacy is not based on any writings or speeches he left behind; but rather a set of fantastical stories that are told about him.

I will tell the story of a journey BSHT took with the prophet Elijah.

Joan Goldberg

    Storyteller! Who ever thought? I began in the sciences, edged into Art, taught for years (Art History and Design), curious about everything and still in my thirties not knowing what I would do when I grew up. Being a “good Girl.” I went to a conference in Niagara Falls about myth, which I didn’t understand and couldn’t figure out how people believed that stuff. And there were the Storytellers, including Gioia Timpanelli, one of Joseph Campbell’s students who brought the Art of Storytelling back into the world. I didn’t want to be a storyteller. Just wanted to understand how they knew what they knew, how they saw what they saw..in other words, I was hooked. So nearly forty years later, still trying to understand and see what humans understood and saw, I share my dreams and stories with others, still learning, still wondering, still pondering and laughing…

 Joan will delight us once more with her "Tales of a Heretic Nun" based on her own life and spiritual journey, as well as present "The Story of Diarmuid" (we are all looking forward to that!)


Heretic Nun

Joan will recount in her incomparable and humouristic way, her adventures....how she joined the convent, how she left to enter the 60's sexual revolution! How she met the love of her life! Fantastic lecture, not to be missed!

The Legend of Diarmuid at Samhain

 This is the PERFECT story for this time in the cycle of the year. FinnMcCool's right hand man gives in to the Crone's nagging. In return, he receives the whole world. Beautiful, and amusing.....

Anne Marie Greymoon

Mother to 8, pagan artisan, mask maker, doula, teacher, business manager, occultist, drummer, singer, herbalist, tarot reader, Spiritual consultant, Traditional healer, Morris dancer, High Priestess, and one of the directors of Harvest Fest and Wic-Can Fest since 1984. She has been in the craft since the early eighties, acquiring a 1* Odyssean while pursuing a more suitable traditional path and specializing in natural healing. She has appeared in broadcasts on Wicca and witchcraft both for radio and on television, advocating and promoting a healthy understanding of Wicca as a spiritual path. In the mid 90′s, she received her 3* in both the Gardnerian and Alexandrian tradition of Wicca.

Catherine Starr

Catherine StarrCatherine Starr is an elder in several different traditions and has been leading groups and performing public rituals for over 20 years. She is a former First Officer of Covenant of the Goddess, and is the Canadian representative to the CoG Board. She represented CoG at the Parliament of World Religions Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. She continues interfaith work as the coordinator for the University of Toronto Campus Chaplains Association as the Wiccan chaplain. As a Founding Member of Magical Acts Ritual Theatre, her play, “Oracles from the Living Tarot” has been performed annually since 1998.

Eric Mandela

Founder of “Mandala World Music” an international ethnic fusion world music group with people from all around the world. He uses traditional influences of music and art to create new and dynamic original material. He has travelled around the world collaborating with 100′s of artists under the name Mandala. His focus is to bring sacred styles of art and instrument together for a new fusion in this multi-cultural world.

When performing solo he does live looping & Electronica using Ableton Live and plays over 100 ethnic and modern instruments from around the world. He sings in Universal Language mixing ancient tongues and ethnic styles of vocals with modern sound scat poetry. He builds & plays African harps like the Kora & kamele n’goni. We hope you enjoy listening to the music because they sure love to make it! If you haven’t seen this original show yet be sure to catch it as soon as possible!

Eric and his companion, Zu, will be performing in Concert.

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Laurie Benson

Catherine StarrLaurie Waller Benson has led Herb Walks and Talks from Starwood to Kaleidoscope, after being inspired by Nick Faunus at Wic-Can Fest in the 80's. She spent many intensive weekends with Green Witch Susun Weed, and was initiated by her when daughter Mairen was just 8 months old. Her children have literally grown up at Fest and the whole family is involved in the growth and maintenance of the Community. She is also a Yogini, having achieved her Advanced Teacher Training in India, and is well know for her all encompassing Yoga classes on the field, beach, water or wherever at Festivals. An accomplished Artist, she exhibits at Galleries and Juried shows in South Durham and has some awards to her credit!


Herb Harvesting Walk

We will discover this year's bounty of medicinal and edible herbs with a leisurely walk towards the river, keeping our eyes open for fungi, decorations for the Corn King and branches to renew our Giant Skull Puppets for the Corn King Ritual.

Giant Skull Puppets

For the Ritual, we will gather branches and rejuvenate our eerie puppets to accompany the Corn King and dance them around the fire!


Drum Dr

Catherine StarrDrum Dr hails from the Black Silk House of Drums. I’m grateful to be here. Both classes warmly welcome all levels of drummers & all drums. Both sessions will have a facilitated discussion followed by practical. Feel free to engage in Q&A, anytime we stop. At the end of the first session, you will be comfortable playing your drum. The second session will build on the first. I love drums. There is deep magic between us with these beautiful instruments. We PLAY! Bring your drums! (drums go to ALL camps! ) As a child, my father taught me “dai gu” (translates literally: big drum). We played Lion Dance for the local community. These were elaborate processions to chase away demons. I was astonished by the power and the voice of the drum. I loved the patterns. Next was marching band, with snares, bass & rudiments. Discipline, order, patterns, repetition, technique, posture … It wasn’t until many years later, that my interest in African drumming began. This was my first exposure to a Djembe (pronounced “jim-Bay”, my favourite!), duns, shakere & cowbell. MORE COWBELL! Now I have been exposed to the hidden aspects of composition/arrangements, time, dynamic, musicality, poly-rhythms & swing. There is so much beauty in simplicity and the space between the beats. It just seems very busy. I studied and practiced with great joy, never missing a week of drum school and attended many master drummer workshops. The community drum circle then showed me even more magic. This is our beloved GROOVE! The place where we support each other to dance, sing, chant, pray and heal. Let’s join in. Drum Blessings!


“Drum Ecstasy” (beginner)

This session will begin with a facilitated discussion then practical. We will cover the build of your drum and inner workings. We will also explore rhythm, time, musicality, techniques, patterns and repetition. Bring your Drum(s)! (limited drums available to share, bring extra if you have any)

“Drum Unity” (advanced)

This session evolves concepts from the first session and will take the same format. We will discuss group dynamic, connection with spirit, harmonics, silence, support, timbre, arrangement & composition.

Bring your drum and at least one other instrument/item (wood, metal or shaker). Bring whatever you have, improvised percussion is fun! Wood-blocks, crates, dowels, etc… Metal-cans, spoons, grater, washboard, anvil… Shaker-tic tacs, matchbox, can/bottle with lid (seal in rocks/dried beans)


Charles Rogers

Catherine StarrAfter  childhood dreams of native ancestry and many years of addiction in 1990 I devoted my life and spirit to the RED ROAD

doing sweat lodges with elders in penitentiary's and jails all over Ontario helping Brothers and sisters in their journeys of health and spirituality.   As fire keeper and as a brother having participating in vision quests and over 300 sweats, learning and feeling the spirits of our ancestors and having seen healing of many brothers and sisters on red road.  WOW what an honour to experience. I am truly Blessed to be a helper of the people.


Spirituality with open minds.

In this talk/lecture Charlie will tell us about his life choices, deciding to follow the red road and his experiences; he will also share with us, basic native teachings such as elements and colour associations. We will also discuss death and passing in First Nations and how loved ones are honoured and remembered.


John Quin

Catherine StarrThe Bargarran Witch Trials.

The talk will cover the accusations of witchcraft by 11 year old Christian Shaw, the daughter of the Laird of Bargarran in 1796. As a result of the accusations 35 people were charged and seven convicted of witchcraft. Of the seven, one committed suicide in prison and the remaining six were executed. I will also discuss the aftermath of the trials in the town of Paisley and cover the later life of Christian Shaw who went on to become a bit of a feminist hero as one of Scotland's first female industrialists, founding the thread industry in the west of Scotland. I will also touch on how the trials are impacting present day Paisley.


Tsuki Keogh

Catherine StarrTsuki Keogh is a WCC priestess with 25 years as a practicing fine artist. Her specialties include sculpture, painting, textiles, tattooing and creative parenting. Her latest obsession is with beekeeping. Tsuki will present on Sunday.


Painting with Mud, Sticks and Bugs.

All ages workshop to create artworks with an intimate connection with nature and the environment that surrounds us. Learn to make paint from found and purchased materials, have fun, and get a bit dirty.