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Festival Highlights:

The Corn King Ritual

It began so long ago...we dreamed and created, this place, this time,

welcoming those who are with us...

We came together, as now, built a huge man of straw, leaves, grain...

in recognition of all the goodness and sustenance given to us...we pray,

we remember, we give thanks, setting him ablaze, sending all that life energy

and thoughts and prayers towards the Moon, the stars, the Earth and all the worlds...

visible and invisible… trusting in future Blessings.

You are encouraged to participate in the building and decoration of the Corn King which will be on-going, from Saturday to Sunday night. On Sunday, we will gather in the marketplace and process to the main bonfire.

There, we will take part in and witness a mystery play:

The King must die!

Long live the King!


Blessed be and see you round the fire!