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Anne Marie Greymoon

Mother to 8, pagan artisan, mask maker, doula, teacher, business manager, occultist, drummer, singer, herbalist, tarot reader, Spiritual consultant, Traditional healer, Morris dancer, High Priestess, and one of the directors of Harvest Fest and Wic-Can Fest since 1984. She has been in the craft since the early eighties, acquiring a 1* Odyssean while pursuing a more suitable traditional path and specializing in natural healing. She has appeared in broadcasts on Wicca and witchcraft both for radio and on television, advocating and promoting a healthy understanding of Wicca as a spiritual path. In the mid 90′s, she received her 3* in both the Gardnerian and Alexandrian tradition of Wicca.


sometime over the weekend, Greymoon will teach how to weave a traditional corn dollie that you can take home, give to a friend or offer to The King.

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Laurie Benson

Catherine StarrLaurie has held Herb Walks and Talks from Starwood to Kaleidoscope, after being inspired by the Wic-Can Fest walks Nick Faunus led in the 80's.She went on to work at Faunus Herbs, studied with Susun Weed in the Wise Woman Tradition and was initiated by her as a Green Witch in 1993. Laurie recently completed the 500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher training in India and teaches Yoga in North Durham as well as Practical Herbalism out of her house and her family's Barn in the Haliburtons where she holds "Wild Wisdom Weekends" (the next in July).

A member of various Art associations in Durham, she is currently exhibiting at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery where she two pieces accepted into a juried show and was commissioned to design banners for the downtown streets of Cannington. She has also done kids' "Music Art and Drama" at many Pagan Festivals. Known for her Herbal salves (Green Cream, Pink Cream and Bug Cream) and Herbal Smoke Mix that she makes at home. She rarely sleeps."


Saturday 10:00 am: "Harvesting Herbs"

 We will discover this year's bounty of medicinal and edible herbs with a leisurely walk towards the river, keeping our eyes over for fungi and decorations for the Corn King!

Saturday pm: Re-purposed pop bottle lanterns!

A craft suitable for all ages (if the littlest ones have adult help) creating lanterns for the ritual out of pop bottles and tissue and glue.


Sunday: 10:00 am "Up the Escarpment"

A more strenuous hike up the hill, looking at glorious Autumn colours and attributes of upland plants and trees. This time we won't get lost!


Sunday pm: "Making Kombucha"

This ancient drink, a symbiotic bland of probiotic bacteria and yeast, is making news in healthh circles. Not too hard to make at all and very detoxifying. I will show you with handouts, we will have a taste and I will pass on some "SCOBY's" (Symbiotic Combination of Bacteria and Yeast) the Kombucha starter if you want to make your own.

Drum Dr

Catherine StarrDrum Dr hails from the Black Silk House of Drums. I’m grateful to be here. Both classes warmly welcome all levels of drummers & all drums. Both sessions will have a facilitated discussion followed by practical. Feel free to engage in Q&A, anytime we stop. At the end of the first session, you will be comfortable playing your drum. The second session will build on the first. I love drums. There is deep magic between us with these beautiful instruments. We PLAY! Bring your drums! (drums go to ALL camps! ) As a child, my father taught me “dai gu” (translates literally: big drum). We played Lion Dance for the local community. These were elaborate processions to chase away demons. I was astonished by the power and the voice of the drum. I loved the patterns. Next was marching band, with snares, bass & rudiments. Discipline, order, patterns, repetition, technique, posture … It wasn’t until many years later, that my interest in African drumming began. This was my first exposure to a Djembe (pronounced “jim-Bay”, my favourite!), duns, shakere & cowbell. MORE COWBELL! Now I have been exposed to the hidden aspects of composition/arrangements, time, dynamic, musicality, poly-rhythms & swing. There is so much beauty in simplicity and the space between the beats. It just seems very busy. I studied and practiced with great joy, never missing a week of drum school and attended many master drummer workshops. The community drum circle then showed me even more magic. This is our beloved GROOVE! The place where we support each other to dance, sing, chant, pray and heal. Let’s join in. Drum Blessings!


Drum Dr will be holding community drumming workshops!

Kimi Bois

    Kimi has been studying the uses of essential oils for over 10 years. She enjoys sharing the wonderful benefits of essential oils with everyone in workshops as well as with products, through her small business: Gypsy Scents (www.gypsyscents.com)


Kimi Bois will teach Hula Hoop Introduction to Advanced, make your own Bug Spray (using a variety of essential oils and herbs), and Chakra work: creating and reaching goals using your chakras.

1. Intention manifesting; learn how to use everyday life to intentionally manifest that which you wish for yourself to increase happiness. Some of the ideas that will be covered include changing your outlook from negative to positive, mantras, self care techniques, things to surround ourselves with, and how to find our happy.

2. Hula Hoop meditation; FInd the meditation in center of the hula hoop. This workshop won't cover all sorts of tricks, but keeping to a basic level and feeling the energy connections of the moving hoop to find our inner peace, and to share that will others.

3.Unschooling as a lifestyle; Not about schooling our children but in living a lifestyle that encourages mutual respect and helping ourselves and those around us to live a happy and fulfilled life. Some of the topics covered will include education, but that is by no means the bulk of it. This is an everyday living style of life.

Hugo RB

Hugo RB will be performing in concert!

Hugo Rousseaux-Bridle is a Toronto-born musician who until recently, lived a small town life. He picked up the guitar at age twelve. Hugo is heavily influenced by his love for jazz, funk and blues. Today Hugo lives in midtown Toronto and works in two restaurants, striving to find a foothold on which he can pursue his dreams of playing music and illustrating his whimsical caricatures. here's a little preview:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-PdSTO_LvE&feature=youtu.be


On Friday evening, join Hugo for a nice and easy concert in the dining room, by the fireplace, Rhythm and Blues style.

Dani Lafontaine

    Dani is becoming one of the Kitchen Witches!

She will be in charge of breakfasts and she will be hosting the Ladies Love Mary Jane Circle:

Judith Olson-Linde and Nels Linde

Catherine StarrJudith Olson Linde and Nels Linde are a married, collaborative team who are active volunteers, ritualists, community organizers, and spiritual leaders in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Their book: “Taking Sacred Back – The Complete Guide to Designing and Sharing Group Rituals” will be released by Llewellyn Publishing in May 2016. They have been guest ritualists at national Pagan festivals including Pagan Spirit Gathering, Heartland, and Sacred Harvest Festival, and have written and led over a hundred rituals for groups from 50 to 800 participants. In February 2007 they organized the Veterans' Pentacle Rights Ritual at the Minnesota State Capitol. Nels and Judy have presented at Pantheacon, Heartland, and as part of the Pagan Spirit Gathering Pagan Leadership Institute. Nels is co-founder of the UW Stout Hand Drumming Club, and editor of the Pagan Newswire Collective - Minnesota Bureau.


International Song and Chant Sharing

In our travels we find a wide variety of favorite songs and chants with different versions and tunes. Bring your favorites and let's learn them and spread them around! Judy has a handout for you!

Drum the Rhumba

Judy and Nels Linde: Rhumba is a standby at the fire, but is also a poly rhythm with origins in Africa, with Caribbean development. Bring your drums, rattles, shakers, and bells and experience the power of an ensemble sound to drive the dance. No experience needed, get a handout for Guinea Rhumba!


Lydia is going to guide us through the world of sigils... Come craft your own, to put your wishes in the Corn King.

Charles Rogers

Catherine StarrAfter childhood dreams of native ancestry and many years of addiction in 1990's, I devoted my life and spirit to the RED ROAD doing sweat lodges with elders in penitentiaries and jails all over Ontario, helping brothers and sisters in their journeys of health and spirituality. As fire keeper and as a brother having participated in vision quests and over 300 sweats, learning and feeling the spirits of our ancestors; and having seen healing of many brothers and sisters on red road. WOW what an honour to experience! I feel truly Blessed to be a helper of the people.


Catherine StarrWe will be blessed with First Nations Traditional teachings Courtesy of our friends Charles Rogers.

As many of you know I have been following the red path for over 26 years now; I have worked with many elders and studied aboriginal Adult teaching at Brock University. It will be an honour to once again share with you. I will do more workshops on native teachings and will be leading the sweatlodges.

The first, about teachings regarding the Fall and Long Winter.

The second one will be about the renewal and rebirth of nature; in relevance to the sacred circle of life.

Both sessions will be followed by a smudge and a sacred prayer pipe ceremony. Each workshop lasts about 1 hour. Please bring some tobacco as a traditional offering for the sharing of the teachings.


The Sweat Lodge

Catherine Starr

Charlie, who apprenticed with elder Vern Harper, will be conducting the sweatlodges for us this Harvest.

The same rules apply to all sweatlodges: No clothing, no contact lenses, eyeglasses, jewellery etc; no women in their moon-time, no drinking or drug abuse for 3 days prior (and please discuss any medications with Charles, prior to the lodge, for your well being) bring tobacco for an offering...(see admin for rules clarification) However, this time, please also bring: BLANKETS FOR THE LODGE!

We need blankets and/or natural canvas...it could be a natural old canvas tent that doesn't serve you anymore...a good length of natural fabric from the fabric store...please bring it along for the lodge.

And: If you can, bring a large stone for the lodge and/or a couple rocks about the size of large baseballs. They will be of great help to the sweat lodge events at the fests. All solid blue field stones are perfect It puts a group energy and brings family energy to the lodge. No crystal stones or soft shale stones (whatever we do not use, will go to the Cairn. Thank you.)

Register at Admin in advance as help building the lodge,

fire keeping etc, are all needed and are also great learning opportunities.

Traditional sweatlodges will take place Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 PM

Catherine Starr

Catherine StarrCatherine Starr is an elder in several different traditions and has been leading groups and performing public rituals for over 20 years. She is a former First Officer of Covenant of the Goddess, and is the Canadian representative to the CoG Board. She represented CoG at the Parliament of World Religions Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. She continues interfaith work as the coordinator for the University of Toronto Campus Chaplains Association as the Wiccan chaplain. As a Founding Member of Magical Acts Ritual Theatre, her play, “Oracles from the Living Tarot” has been performed annually since 1998.


Working with Dark Goddesses:

As we enter into the Dark Time of the year, we can sense the power of the Dark Goddesses. They can be called by many names yet each one is as different and unique as all our Gods are. This workshop will look at many of these Dark Goddesses and give us ways to approach them, worship them and work with them. I will share stories, poetry and techniques for how to work with this powerful aspect of the Craft.

Second Wave

Catherine StarrBring your dancing shoes, a drum and a blanket! This group of fun-loving musicians is a full-spectrum experience, you won’t want to miss a beat! Join Ruth, Debbie, Stavros, Steve, Kath, Alison, and maybe a few others for a night of exceptional improv, interactive music and sultry beats, story telling, and soul-bath. Every band member is a powerhouse, so let us revel together in the spirit of Corn King during this festive season!  Get ready to rock it out!


on Sunday and Monday, they will each offer the following workshops:

Writing Workshop:

– Writing Your Soul Story -

Alison Dale: Alison is an award-winning writer of Nonfiction, Poetry, Memoir, and Journalism. She is currently working on a book called “Finding Joy.” Alison will be opening up her heart and skills in this interactive and reflective workshop. Bring your own journals.

Guitar Workshop:

– “Unstick Your Strum” –

Stavros Stavropoulous: Ever find that your guitar songs all sound the same? Same patterns, same strums? A deeply experienced musician and song-writer, Stavros will lead a creativity workshop for guitar or other strummed instruments to help you shake it out into unbelievable guitar grooves.

Please Bring your own guitar. See you there!

World Music Workshop:

– “Origins of Groove” –

Moon Drummer Kath will be running a 2 hour session on music history as it relates to the ancient roots of groove. Learn the history, learn some grooves that you can take to the fire.

Belly Dancing Workshop

– “Beginner Belly Dance, Shimmy all the way!” –

Debbie Ingham: Debbie will be offering a 1-hour crash course on Belly Dance. A deeply experienced dancer and teacher for decades, Debbie will be charming us with dance performance during the Second Wave concert, as well as sharing her knowledge with interested dancers. Come and Shimmy!

Eric Mandela and Zu

Founder of “Mandala World Music” an international ethnic fusion world music group with people from all around the world, Eric uses traditional influences of music and art to create new and dynamic original material. He has travelled around the world collaborating with 100′s of artists under the name Mandala. His focus is to bring sacred styles of art and instrument together for a new fusion in this multi-cultural world.

When performing solo he does live looping & Electronica using Ableton Live and plays over 100 ethnic and modern instruments from around the world. He sings in Universal Language mixing ancient tongues and ethnic styles of vocals with modern sound scat poetry. He builds & plays African harps like the Kora & kamele n’goni. We hope you enjoy listening to the music because they sure love to make it! If you haven’t seen this original show yet be sure to catch it as soon as possible!


On Sunday, Our Friends Eric and Zu will play in concert, before the Corn King Ritual


This page will be updated with more info/guests until the festival.

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