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Harvest Fest is our time for giving thanks.  A time of feast, fire, and revelry!

A time to honour the ancestors. A time of glorious bounty! A time to recognize the hard work of the year past and to prepare together.  To shore up hope and covet the bright light even as we mark its dimming. A time to honour our beloved Corn King one last time as the wheel turns once again.

As is our fest tradition, we will be sending the King forth with fire, song, and celebration…  

Whatever the Fates decree, we Gather, Celebrate, Give Thanks for the precious opportunity to assemble and revere the Old Gods with Friends, Kin, Family, Clan and Tribe! Come Honour our King, representative of the bounty bestowed upon us by our Mother, the Earth. Let us form a circle under the wise gaze of the Goddess of the Moon, Praise, Thank and Sacrifice the King, that Life and Abundance be born anew in our lives. Welcome and Blessed Be, All!

Bring an offering, if you like, to add as we build and decorate Him before the ritual Sunday. Join us for the procession in your garb (masks encouraged) with your musical instruments and be ready to dance and hail his passing.

Come fill your bodies and souls with warmth, dance, music and knowledge to see you through the winter. Inhale deeply the magic of Sage, Cedar and sparkling coals around the all night fire as you dance and drum your prayers and blessings towards the Old Ones. Make a joyous noise unto the Lord and Lady!

Create warm memories, walk the Labyrinth, dig in the dirt, let the children run free in the fields, the wood and howl at the moon, pick plants, bake bread, make a magical craft, help us welcome the land spirits for one last dance, share a warm bowl of stew, drum-drum-drum, dance at least 3 rounds around the sacred fire, sing and chant and witness Nature in all Her glory as She puts on Her red mantle.

Remember to bring money for the vendors, the diviners, and the food makers.  Let’s support our community with our purchases!

So let us all gather: Witches, Vikings and Shamans, pirates, fairies, sprites, Pagans and Heathens of all traditions. Come learn, revel and celebrate the death of the corn king. We look forward to seeing all of you this October.


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