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Do you have something special to offer? Is Astrology or herbology or ecology your passion? Do you have a talent or knowledge that you are willing to share with others? What about that ritual you’d really love to present? We always welcome new additions to the program – just drop us a line and tell us about it. If it meets our requirements, we’ll schedule it!

In order for your submission to be considered for presentation at the festival, you must follow the guidelines outlined below. Incomplete or vague program descriptions will not be processed or scheduled.

Submission Process:

All submissions MUST arrive no later than THREE weeks prior to the festival.

All submissions can be submitted to greymoon@wiccanfest.com

Please use the phrase “Program Submission” in the title of your e-mail.

You may also send your submission by mail along with your registration form.

You must clearly note special exclusions if applicable. For example, please indicate if your proposed workshop or ritual is a “women’s only” or “children only” presentation. If you do not include an indication of who the program is open to, we will schedule it as “open to all”.

Please indicate clearly what your offering entails, how long it is expected to take, who you are, and how you may be contacted. If you wish to be listed on the web site and/or wish to be introduced using a Pagan name, let us know.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to schedule any ritual, seminar, or workshop if we feel it is inappropriate, dangerous, or, in the opinion of the programming staff, otherwise unsuitable for presentation at the festival.

In order to be able to schedule effectively, it is very important to let us know on what day and at what time you will be arriving on-site. Upon arrival, please notify the staff at Admin that you are a presenter so we know you have arrived, and please check the time and location of your presentation to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts.