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Past guests 2016:

 Donata Ahern

    Donata Ahernis a HPS in the Alexandrian and Gardnerian Traditions of Wicca, and a Druid Companion in OBOD. She is a trained shaman in the Huichol and Inka lineages and is a priestess of the Mayan Temple of the Deer. She has studied advanced shamanic healing and Past Life Soul Regression. She is a member of the American Dowsers Society and a Reiki Master. www.Donata.ChrysalisHeartCenter.com

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Laurie Benson

Catherine StarrLaurie has held Herb Walks and Talks from Starwood to Kaleidoscope, after being inspired by the Wic-Can Fest walks Nick Faunus led in the 80's.She went on to work at Faunus Herbs, studied with Susun Weed in the Wise Woman Tradition and was initiated by her as a Green Witch in 1993. Laurie recently completed the 500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher training in India and teaches Yoga in North Durham as well as Practical Herbalism out of her house and her family's Barn in the Haliburtons where she is planning another Herbal Retreat this August. A member of various Art associations in Durham she exhibits and sells and has won awards in South Durham.


Laurie, our resident Herbalist and Green Witch, is an essential behind the scenes engineer of magical sceneries.

She will be leading her seasonal herbwalks, open to all.

Laurie also welcomes you to morning yoga.

Kimi Bois

    Kimi has been studying the uses of essential oils for over 10 years. She enjoys sharing the wonderful benefits of essential oils with everyone in workshops as well as with products, through her small business: Gypsy Scents (www.gypsyscents.com)


Kimi Bois will teach Hula Hoop Introduction to Advanced, make your own Bug Spray (using a variety of essential oils and herbs), and Chakra work: creating and reaching goals using your chakras.


Eliane will offer Swing Dancing classes this year; while Bastian will teach Goddess Dancing


The Bombadils

Catherine StarrThe Bombadils will be performing in concert!

They will join us, mingle, play at the handfasting, give a workshop and a concert on Saturday

Click here to learn more about The Bombadils and their wonderful music: www.thebombadils.com

Christin Dennis

Catherine StarrChristin has always held closely to his Native roots. Although he was adopted, he remained free to

maintain his indigenous traditions and practices. As a youngster he returned frequently to the reservation where he learned about his heritage. As he grew older elders went out of their way to help him, and even coerce him into learning more about his roots. He has been doing Lodges for many years, apprenticing for 12 years, and still continues to learn from the Elders. “The way we live is like a dance. It can be very expressionistic, or passionate and imaginative. If we allow ourselves to just be, our dance will be joyful.” www.christindennis.com


The Sweat Lodge:

Annii Everyone

It is our hope that this ceremony will spiritually inform and create awareness

to all who visit and experience The Lodge. The Lodge is a Sacred Ceremony where we come together to recreate, heal , and celebrate the re-membering of ourselves as one. We honour each other

through the Creator in the Womb of Mother Earth.

Each Sacred Direction is honoured.

In the Heart of Father Sky we allow the Grand Mothers and Grand Fathers to speak into us with the vapour breath of Life. Allowing the Creator to speak through the Elements of Creation within/without. The Spirit re-uniting with all of Creation within itself in love. Reuniting, “All My/Our Relations”, in

memory of our Ancestral self. Allowing the ShaMan/ShaWoman within to Heal our Sacred Self and others as well. We honour the Sacredness of the lodge by honouring our true self through

the Lodge of the People.

Things you should know: The ceremony takes about 4 hours to complete

Please note that women on their moon MAY NOT participate in the sweat lodge as the elders managing the spiritual energy on site will be strongly adversely affected. Should you need clarification about this important spiritual rule, please ask at Admin upon arrival and we will explain. Meegwetch. Thank you.

a. Bring a couple of towels, one to wear in the lodge and one to dry off after

the lodge. You may also want to bring a face towel.

b. Clothing should not be worn in the lodge. If you must wear something

in, we suggest sarong, shorts or a towel – something loose fitting is

preferable. (and it’s very dark inside)You should be nude in the lodge

as you were in your mother's womb!

c. Avoid bringing metal items into the lodge (e.g. jewellery, glasses etc.) as

they can become hot and uncomfortable.

d. Please abstain from alcohol and non-prescription drugs for at least 3 days

prior to the ceremony. (otherwise, you may get sick and, in turn, make others sick!)

This is a sacred ceremony.

e. You must bring tobacco so you can make a proper offerings as a prayer.

f. Contact lenses should be removed as well and please no perfumes or

makeup prior to entering lodge

g. There will be a tent to change in.

h. If you would like to bring talismans or crystals into the lodge, you're

welcome to do so.

i. Please bring something for a potluck, as we will be eating after the ceremony. Expect a group of 10-12 people. We will be back in the woods without cooking facilities, so please keep this in mind when deciding what to bring. This is part of the celebration. Honoring our food is important to our health and all living things.

j. Water will be provided during the ceremony, but you may want to bring

some water with you, to keep yourself hydrated after the ceremony.

k. It is advisable to fast before the ceremony, but not necessary. If you wish not to fast, please eat lightly. Eating before a sweat, puts a strain on the circulatory system. If you have hypoglycemia, it is advisable for you to eat a small meal, like fruits and vegetables.

l. please book early, as space is limited. Sign up at Admin.

This is a Sacred Ceremony


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Charles Rogers

Catherine StarrAfter childhood dreams of native ancestry and many years of addiction in 1990's, I devoted my life and spirit to the RED ROAD doing sweat lodges with elders in penitentiaries and jails all over Ontario, helping brothers and sisters in their journeys of health and spirituality. As fire keeper and as a brother having participated in vision quests and over 300 sweats, learning and feeling the spirits of our ancestors; and having seen healing of many brothers and sisters on red road. WOW what an honour to experience! I feel truly Blessed to be a helper of the people.

Catherine Starr

We will be blessed with First Nations Traditional teachings Courtesy of our friends Charles Rogers, who will conduct pipe ceremonies


Becky Big Canoe, who brings us water teachings and more...


Joan Goldberg

    Storyteller! Who ever thought? I began in the sciences, edged into Art, taught for years (Art History and Design), curious about everything and still in my thirties not knowing what I would do when I grew up. Being a “good Girl.” I went to a conference in Niagara Falls about myth, which I didn’t understand and couldn’t figure out how people believed that stuff. And there were the Storytellers, including Gioia Timpanelli, one of Joseph Campbell’s students who brought the Art of Storytelling back into the world. I didn’t want to be a storyteller. Just wanted to understand how they knew what they knew, how they saw what they saw..in other words, I was hooked. So nearly forty years later, still trying to understand and see what humans understood and saw, I share my dreams and stories with others, still learning, still wondering, still pondering and laughing…

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Green Lion

Catherine StarrOriginally from the UK, Green Lion is the owner of a small vending company operating out of South-Western Ontario.  Practicing Pagan spirituality for over fifteen years, Green Lion has been influenced by and connected with Indian based traditions but has lately been connecting with his ancestral Northern European roots.

The Hindu Pantheon:

This presentation will take the form of an introduction to the major deities of Hinduism, a little history of the development of the pantheon and the religion, and how the pantheon connects with other Indo-European peoples.  I will present with visual flashcards of Hindu poster art to illustrate iconography of the Gods, and also include small anecdotal legends.

Judith Olson-Linde and Nels Linde

Catherine StarrJudith Olson Linde and Nels Linde are a married, collaborative team who are active volunteers, ritualists, community organizers, and spiritual leaders in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Their book: “Taking Sacred Back – The Complete Guide to Designing and Sharing Group Rituals” will be released by Llewellyn Publishing in May 2016. They have been guest ritualists at national Pagan festivals including Pagan Spirit Gathering, Heartland, and Sacred Harvest Festival, and have written and led over a hundred rituals for groups from 50 to 800 participants. In February 2007 they organized the Veterans' Pentacle Rights Ritual at the Minnesota State Capitol. Nels and Judy have presented at Pantheacon, Heartland, and as part of the Pagan Spirit Gathering Pagan Leadership Institute. Nels is co-founder of the UW Stout Hand Drumming Club, and editor of the Pagan Newswire Collective - Minnesota Bureau.


Your Ritual Toolbox:

Description:  Bring your fears and past experience and be ready to fill your ritual tool box with methods to create the personal sensory engagement that defines a high impact ritual. Learn to create an authentic ritual experience that effects participants in profound and memorable ways.


Joy in Community:

Description:  We sometimes talk about 'building community', but how can we act, and what can we do to make experiencing a community a Joy?   We'll talk about the personal gifts that make it happen. WHO WE ARE is always growing, and changing. We create the “US” by choice and what we offer each other.  We'll examine the ten top gifts you can offer, to help your community blossom!

As well as coordinating the Main ritual with all of us


Marko and Rok

Catherine StarrMiranda and Marko will be bringing their friend Rok, a blacksmith and musician from Slovenia https://youtu.be/OG9LvsZNuSo

Marko and Rok will do a black smithing workshop teaching people cold smithing and traditional coal forging.

Marko https://youtu.be/8N7GLjQeIK4  will offer his own musical workshop,  presenting his instruments. He will bring a bunch of his creations and will talk about lutherie and his philosophy of music followed by a jam session where people are free to try his instruments.


Hugo RB

Hugo RB will be performing in concert!

Hugo Rousseaux-Bridle is a Toronto-born musician who until recently, lived a small town life. He picked up the guitar at age twelve. Hugo is heavily influenced by his love for jazz, funk and blues. Today Hugo lives in midtown Toronto and works in two restaurants, striving to find a foothold on which he can pursue his dreams of playing music and illustrating his whimsical caricatures.

here's a little preview:  :)



Drum Dr

Catherine StarrDrum Dr hails from the Black Silk House of Drums. I’m grateful to be here. Both classes warmly welcome all levels of drummers & all drums. Both sessions will have a facilitated discussion followed by practical. Feel free to engage in Q&A, anytime we stop. At the end of the first session, you will be comfortable playing your drum. The second session will build on the first. I love drums. There is deep magic between us with these beautiful instruments. We PLAY! Bring your drums! (drums go to ALL camps! ) As a child, my father taught me “dai gu” (translates literally: big drum). We played Lion Dance for the local community. These were elaborate processions to chase away demons. I was astonished by the power and the voice of the drum. I loved the patterns. Next was marching band, with snares, bass & rudiments. Discipline, order, patterns, repetition, technique, posture … It wasn’t until many years later, that my interest in African drumming began. This was my first exposure to a Djembe (pronounced “jim-Bay”, my favourite!), duns, shakere & cowbell. MORE COWBELL! Now I have been exposed to the hidden aspects of composition/arrangements, time, dynamic, musicality, poly-rhythms & swing. There is so much beauty in simplicity and the space between the beats. It just seems very busy. I studied and practiced with great joy, never missing a week of drum school and attended many master drummer workshops. The community drum circle then showed me even more magic. This is our beloved GROOVE! The place where we support each other to dance, sing, chant, pray and heal. Let’s join in. Drum Blessings!

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