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The staff of Wic-can Fest do not wish to curtail your enjoyment. Please remember that these rules have been put in place for your safety, the safety of the festival site, and for the general enjoyment of all. Those who do not respect the rules of the festival will be asked to leave!

Important: It is also vital that those planning on attending this year’s festival understand that no one is permitted on the festival grounds prior to 3:00 pm on the first day of the festival. The  site is hosting another event before ours. Please make your travel arrangements accordingly or take advantage of the local restaurants and shops until then.

Kyon Complete Boarding RR 4,

Shelburne, Ontario (519) 925-6114

E-mail: kyonkennels@atconnex.net

Or try The Royal Pets Hotel in Newmarket.

Anyone violating these rules will expelled without refund.